June 21, 2017

Thai spring rolls

My period has been really weird this month. I started spotting on the 3rd...and here I am still spotting. My cycle hasn't done something like this in a while. So, strange and counter intuitive as it may seem, I'm going to continue one last pack of birth control. Just so I can start tracking on full blown bleeding instead of all this spotting. At least, that's the plan. And if next month I only do spotting again, then I'll quit the pill anyway. I'm still going to keep taking my temperature in the morning for the sake of habit. So far so good!

For a week I've been eating raw vegan. On the first day, I thought I was going to die. But it hasn't been so bad. And I certainly noticed positive changes both on the scale and in the toilet bowl. Now that I've determined I can do it, I'm going to start trying to do raw til 4 where I'm eating raw vegan until 4pm. If anything, it's been a really good way to incorporate more fruits and veggies into my diet and less processed foods. I am not doing this to eliminate meat.

Speaking of meat, I made tonkatsu for dinner. I don't think I've ever been very good at frying up breaded meat, but this turned out wonderfully. It was tender on the inside, golden brown on the outside. I didn't burn it or under cook it. YES! If I ever have company over, this is going to be my go to dish. AND I made the katsu sauce from scratch. Delicious!

Today I went to lunch with Laura, whom I met while serving at the restaurant. In fact, she's the reason I agreed to do this whole raw thing (she's vegan). I like her a lot, and hanging out with her has made me realize how much I miss female companionship. I'm going to make an effort to truly befriend her. We always say we're going to call or text each other, and it just rarely happened. But, this was our second lunch in a week and we've been texting fairly regular. It's nice. And she makes me want to eat better, so that's a plus.

Now if only I could get myself to the gym. Thirty minutes a day is all I'm asking of myself and I can't even manage that a few times a week. I was lifting for two weeks straight and I've already fallen off the wagon. But tomorrow is a new day? I just want to lose 30 pounds. But maybe I don't want to lose it bad enough. If I did, wouldn't I make more of an effort? Like I said, tomorrow is a new day.

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