September 10, 2017

Ever threatened

I always feel like my life is such a mess. I know I have many blessings, but I often wonder when things will calm down, or settle more, just enough to ease the anxiety that seems to be not quite present, but ever threatening.

My neighbor just asked me if he could replant my aloe vera plant that I keep on the porch. I guess I didn't notice how big it got. But why can't he just leave it be? It's my plant to nourish and neglect. Now I'd like to bring it in so he doesn't have to fuss over it, but I feel as though that would be rude. Even though it's mine.

I'm just feeling moody right now. I just spent five hours at work and only made $10. I have money woes, school woes, work woes, and now neighbor woes, not to mention a few minor tifts with Brian.

Right now, in this very moment, I feel sad. It will pass soon, but it's there, also ever threatening.

scullerymaid at 4:49 p.m.

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