December 05, 2005



Squirt- My little brother. He's 11, and can really be a pain in my side. This is probably because he's six years younger than me. But we do have our "sibling" momments

Cherish- My cousin and closest confident. We share the same soul

Cat- Cherish's sister. We're not as close, but still friends

Grandma- My mom's mother. She spoils me to nauseousness. I'm grateful for it

Granny- My great-grandma and Grandma's mother. Such a sweet lady

Mom- My mom

Dad- My dad

Cousin- My mom's niece. She can drive me crazy sometimes, especially since she's pregnant and moved in with us


Romania- She was in my seventh grade class. We've been in touch since. She's probably my best non-family member friend

Korea- Romania's sister. She's a little bossy and tends to put her nose where I might not like it, but she's compassionate and means well

Popeguy- An amazing guy who I'm finally getting to know. He has secrets though, and I hope someday he trusts me enough to let me in on some of them

Monkeygirl- Popeguy's sister. This is the first year I've actually socialized with her. She's really nice and crazy

Greecebuddy- He's in my Spanish class and will be going to Greece with me

Stanley- The sad girl in my first period class

Puryear- He was in my 9th grade spanish class and I see him occasionally in the hall. He's also in Drama Club and all the plays

Golly- Someone I probably shouldn't hang out with. Haven't really talked to him in a while

scullerymaid at 4:18 p.m.

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