February 16, 2022


We bought a house! I can't remember if I mentioned that last entry, but we closed on January 14th and officially moved in on February 2nd. Wild, I know, especially after struggling last year to get approved for a mortgage. We even managed to get approved for a conventional loan, which is such a blessing because otherwise we would have had to seriously compromise on what we were looking for. I was not a fan of most of the houses our agent sent us so was pretty much letting Brian take the lead if he liked a house or not. But changing our loan was certainly in our best interest. In fact, the house that we bought I had on my wishlist but knew we wouldn't be able to "afford" it (I have so many thoughts on the housing market and the way that loans are approved or not now that I've gone through this process-- what a joke!). Then suddenly, our agent sent it our way! I was so surprised.

I truly love it here. She's an old lady that was built in 1900. And though it's obvious someone has come through and stripped her of some of her turn-of-the-century charm, I'm in love. I'm surprised by how comfortable we are here already. How much like home it already feels. Since it's our first time owning, I'm struggling to decide how exactly to set everything up. Do we paint? We're allowed to paint, so why not? But what colors do we choose?! We haven't actually done any painting because I'm so indecisive about it all. I think I finally chose a color for the baby's room, but I'm not sure if that is something that will get done since I myself can't do it while pregnant. My mom was going to visit to help, but...we'll see. I'm so excited to have an office. Like a real room just for me to do school/work. It's amazing! But again, I can't decide what to do with the space now that I have so many options. First thing, I need to invest in some more bookcases. Books have exploded everywhere in this room and there's nowhere to house them. I'm nervous about getting everything settled before the baby comes.

There's so much still left to unpack. And we still need to finish clearing out the apartment. After this experience- regardless of the numerous times I've moved before- I never want to move again. I'm sure part of the exhaustion is that I'm pregnant and fatigue easily and can't actually do too much in terms of moving things around. But goodness I never want to move again. And I think we can stay here for a good long while. Depending on if we have anymore children...

Today I hung a windchime on our back porch. It's lovely. The yard is lovely. The porch is lovely. Looking out on the porch from the dining room is lovely. I'm so excited to continue getting to know the house.

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